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The Benefit of Carbon

For many years Round the World racers and leading yacht owners have appreciated the benefit of carbon. The weight saved and increased speed appeals to the racer, while the improved comfort, performance and safety of a boat - whether it is a club racer or blue water cruiser - appeals to all yacht owners.

Carbon fibre spars are around 50% lighter and considerably stronger than traditional aluminium masts. The result is increased speed, and the lighter mast also gives the boat a lower centre of gravity and so heeling and pitching is reduced. The advantageous stiffness to weight ratio also means that the mast does not bend as much when the boat hits a wave, thus maintaining the power at the very moment it is needed. For long distance racing and cruising, carbon fibre composites are much stronger than aluminium and its capacity to resist fatigue is far better than metal.



High Tech Design and Production

Nordic Mast has developed a set of 12 female aluminium moulds, which enables it to standardise the production and quality control on all its masts which are suitable for boats ranging from 9-25 metres. By developing these unique moulds Nordic ensures that the manufacture of each mast is an exact science - the design, production, manufacturing environment and

craftsmanship are all closely controlled to guarantee that only the highest quality masts and fittings are produced.

Each mast is custom manufactured to suit the boat, and Nordic's design engineers will advise owners about the choices available to personalise the mast to the boat and its use. A unique range of high quality carbon and aluminium fittings are also designed and made by Nordic Mast.